Cats and Vultures

Call me crazy but prior to finding this insane scene on my roof, it never crossed my mind. I have always assumed that vultures only preyed on dead animals. I thought this was known, and everyone I have talked to since this incident has agreed. That’s what vultures are known for. Right? When I took... Continue Reading →

The Impact Canine Cancer Has Had In My Life

The cancer epidemic we as pet owners are facing today is astonishing. According to the latest in canine cancer research, one in two dogs will get cancer. This blows my mind and has unfortunately in my experience, been true. Two of my my four dogs have had this heartbreaking disease. Although I absolutely support all... Continue Reading →

Turmeric-Golden Paste

This post may contain affiliate links to products. I may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links. This is the recipe I've been using for Golden Paste for the past 4 years. Good for dogs, cats, and horses. Dosing below. As many of you already know, Truman was my very special senior... Continue Reading →

Getting paid to play with dogs all day?

"You have the best job. You play with dogs all day and get paid for it!" Yes I do have the best job. I love my job! Hanging out with dogs and cats all day sure beats the alternative. All of my pet clients remind me everyday just how blessed I am to get to... Continue Reading →

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