Summer Fun For Your Dogs!

It’s almost summer and if you’re anything like me, you’re already making plans! I don’t travel much due to work, but I always sneak in a weekend or two over the summer to take my son on an out of town adventure. With that said, play dates aside, we spend a lot of our summer days at home in our own backyard.

My favorite human ♥️
They adore each other

Penelope can’t stand to be away from us. If she knows we’re heading outside to play, it’s to be expected that she’s coming with us. If we head out without her, her screams can be heard from the other end of the property. Needless to say, she is always with us. And we love it.

Penelope is not much of a water dog but she will tolerate floating in the pool as long as she’s in mommy’s lap. Anything to be with us!

Summer Fun with my babies

Penelope is a Boston Terrier, a brachycephalic breed. (This means she’s a smooshy nose breed and has a shorter nasal airway that can cause difficulty with breathing at times.) Being a brachycephalic breed, she is put in a higher risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke and can’t tolerate heat the way she wishes. She LOVES the sun but doesn’t realize that she needs to stay cool. Being that she’s not a fan of the water, I had to get creative with her.

It’s important that all dogs stay cool while out in the sun. Having easy access to plenty of water and a cool shady place to retreat to is vital. Often times dogs don’t express they’ve reached heat exhaustion until it’s too late. This leads to heat stroke and if not treated immediately, can be tragic. It’s our responsibility to keep close watch and ensure our pups are staying cool while out enjoying the sun.

During the summer we are in the pool as much as possible. Penelope won’t float around as long as I like to so when she’s ready to get out, she has a special spot under a tree by the pool where she lays and watches us swim. I set up her cot and she snoozes away. For her, this is enough water fun. However, many dogs love to splash and play and would spend all day in the water if they could. Some are satisfied with the hose, others like to swim, some prefer both! If your dog is anything like Penelope, a simple water free cooling mat or breathable cot will suffice. Here are some of my sweet clients keeping cool during the hot Tennessee summer!

There are so many fun options out there for your dogs to enjoy the summer days! If you have kids, including the dog in water play can provide some of the best memories for them! Even if your only kids are your fur kids, engaging in some water fun can make for some very happy pups and awesome memories for you as well!

Below I’ve compiled some awesome ideas for summer fun for your dogs. Whether they enjoy a good swim, splashing in the sprinklers, or just chillin’ where it’s cool, your pup can enjoy those summer days outside with you!

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For The Water Dogs

Puncture Proof Dog Pool (kid friendly too!)

Dog Splash Pad

Water Twirl Sprinkler-Hose Attachment

Pool Float For Dogs

Paw Activated Water Dispenser

For The Dogs Who’d Rather Chill

Cooling Cot with Canopy

Cooling Cot With Breathable Mesh

Coleman Cooling Mat

9 thoughts on “Summer Fun For Your Dogs!

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  1. You take such good care of your dogs, they are so lucky! I did not know that Boston Terrier types were so prone to heat stress, but you certainly make sure she is included in everything (and I love the photos! I saw some Bostons and they are smaller than I expected but so sweet and cute! I think my cats might beat one up though 😉


    1. They are pretty small! However there some pretty big ones (big for the breed). Penelope is 20 lbs. My Titus was 25 lbs which isn’t much more, however comparing the two, he was quite a tank compared to miss dainty Penelope lol. The breed can range from as small as 13 lbs to as large as 35 lbs. I’m sure there are even smaller/larger ones out there too


  2. When it comes to leaving my dogs behind, I am sure I’m way worse than they are. They do expect that if I’m going out, I ought to take them with me. And, unless I have a chore to do, that’s what happens.

    I would not be happy leaving them behind for any reason.


    1. I agree. The only time I don’t take her is if the farmer next to us is plowing the field with his big machine or I’m doing something where I can’t be watching her. I hate leaving her inside, especially knowing it’s stressful for her.


  3. Are two dogs are IN LOVE with their puppy pool. As soon as the weather starts to warm up, they are usually pushing us to fill it. This year, Dav girl actually went and found where it was stored, pawing at it last weekend until we gave I and filled it… 60F isn’t warm enough outside for me to be planning a pool day but it wasn’t going to stop them! We always have a fresh bowl of cold water available for them that we change periodically through the day and both of their cots set up in the shade. Indy is the one that we have to watch a little closer…. He’s almost all black and LOVES sunbathing, but he doesn’t necessarily recognize when enough is enough. Occasionally he gets forced shade time lol


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