My Favorite Pet Supplies From Amazon

I have found some pretty cool things for my pets on Amazon. You know those absolutely unnecessary, yet oh so very necessary items you stumble upon when scrolling Amazon?When there’s no control over your finger hitting the “add to cart” button? Sometimes those items really do become some of the best purchases! (Other times, not so much).

Being a pet care provider, I am in a lot of homes and around a lot of pets! I’ve used probably every type of harness, leash, cat carrier and dog seatbelt there is. I’ve seen and used all kinds of different potty training tools, potty pads and litter scoops. Cat trees, dog beds, puzzles & boredom busters and so much more. There are so many cool and unknown things!
Each pet has their own favorite things, many of which I have had to purchase for my own pets because they are just that cool. Some of my clients have found some pretty spectacular things for their pets. It’s very exciting LOL.

I put together a list of some my absolute favorite Amazon pet supply purchases. I only recommend products I have either personally purchased and tested, or have seen first hand the quality of the item and satisfaction from the purchaser.

This post contains affiliate links to products. I may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links, at no cost to you. You can read my full disclosure here

Here you go!

Potty Training

• Scoop Free 5x more Odor Absorbing Cat Litter


Toys & Boredom Busters

Splash Pad

Durable Pet / Kid Pool


• Slow Feeder For Cats

Automatic Pet Feeder

Pet Supplies

6 Level Cat Tree

• Light up LED dog leash for night walking

• Easy Walk No Pull Harness

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