Bladder Support for Cats & Dogs

Bladder issues of any form in our pets can take a toll on all involved. I think it’s fair to say we’ve all experienced the discomfort at some point in our lives. TMI? Sorry, but it’s true! So we know how our pets feel when it happens to them! Cats in particular are high risk for having bladder issues such as frequent UTI’s and crystals forming in the urinary tract causing bloody urine. It’s not only uncomfortable for them, but it can be worrisome to us as pet owners. TCC bladder cancer is an aggressive cancer becoming more common in dogs than ever before. I am far too familiar with TCC as this was my first experience with canine cancer. Incontinence (complete inability to control the bladder) is another common concern in our pets, especially in seniors. Including a bladder support supplement into your pet’s nutrition plan can prevent these issues from occurring and provide your pet with the comfort of a healthy urinary tract.

Here is a short video explaining how pawTree’s Bladder Support Plus works, and the benefits it provides.

My dog Penelope has been taking pawTree’s Bladder Support Plus for frequent potty accidents. She couldn’t hold her potty for longer than 2 hours. For years I believed her lack of bladder control was due to her not being potty trained until she was an adult. Her “I gotta go so I’m gonna go” mentality was actually more like “I gotta go so I HAVE to go”. Now that her bladder health is on track, she can and will hold her potty for hours longer.

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  1. This is great information. I remember when our cat growing up started going to the bathroom in random spaces around the litterbox versus in the litterbox. At the time we were annoyed, thinking that the cat was doing it on purpose (he was FULL of attitude and would do things out of spite quite often lol). However, after it kept happening we took him to the vet and found out it was the result of a UTI. Since that point, I always recommend looking at the potential health-related causes anytime habits like that come into the conversation.


    1. Yes it’s very important to look for the underlying issue as there is often a root cause. It’s also just as important to make sure the body is functioning properly and receiving necessary nutrients to do so. UTI’s and bladder issues (often kidney related) are unfortunately very common in cats, usually requiring a strict diet change.
      I have had test after test done on my dog Penelope, and even got second and third opinions from different vets. Each vet came back saying all her lab work came back perfect, she’s healthy and her accidents are most likely behavioral. Although it made sense, I still didn’t believe it lol. She just couldn’t hold her bladder more than 2 hours. These bladder supplements provide her with nutrients her system is lacking and are helping things function properly. It’s funny because out of habit for me, I’ll take her out to potty after just taking her an hour or so prior, (she always peed a little every time we went out before) and now she doesn’t! She goes a normal 5 or so hours with NO accidents now and sleeps through the night with no clockwork 12am, 2am and 4am urge to pee. It’s amazing.


  2. I had no idea that PawTree makes supplements – so now I have to revisit. I’m glad you found something that works for Penelope, I’m sure she’s happier too! Experiencing a UTI is uncomfortable and can lead to really bad things – I’m glad PawTree’s supplements are helpful!

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    1. Yes! Penelope is much happier and I’m sure she enjoys getting to sleep through the night without waking up to pee every couple hours!
      PawTree has some amazing supplements! My mom’s senior dog was recently able to get off his harsh prescription medication for arthritis after starting PawTree’s joint supplement and her other dog who is highly allergic to everything, is now off of apoquel since starting the allergy supplement. PawTree has wonderful, high quality products.


  3. I was fortunate to not have any issues with my cats regarding their bladder. Thank goodness! But this is nice that there’s an option like Bladder Support Plus to help. I’ll have to share this post.


  4. Recurring urinary tract infections in dogs always have an underlying cause. It is essential to figure out what it is. Supplements can be helpful depending on what the underlying cause is.


  5. I wonder how many pets have this problem and their owners think they are just being stubborn? One of ours has hormonal incontinence so she gets meds and has no more accidents. I will spread the word to a few owners I know that think they have a stubborn dog!


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