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At Precious Paws Blog, it’s all about the pets. After all, they do run the show! If you have a pet, want to have a pet, work with a pet, know someone who has, wants, or works with a pet, then be sure to follow our blog. You can enjoy resourceful information, learn about holistic pet nutrition, read fun articles & testimonials, learn tips & tricks, DIY recipes & projects, and check out the products we recommend. As professional pet sitters, life long pet owners and passionate animal lovers, you can be assured we only advocate the very best for our pets; they are family too! Certified in pet food nutrition and partnered with pawTree, you’ll get the scoop on all the good stuff that helps keep your pet’s healthy and happy. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest too for loads of fun and adorable pictures of the pets we get spend our days with!

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